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Representing new energy from “The Empire City of the South” Jhonny 1k is swerving through the ATL music scene, dropping storytellers like a dirty south Biggie. What is the meaning behind his name? He simply stated, “Staying true to yourself, keeping it one thousand, having the confidence of the universe”.


That confidence can be felt listening to his music, even with the beats he is rapping over, you can feel the mentality of the song. Jhonny 1k wants to bring the talent, skills, and synergy back to rap music. He stated “his goal with the music is longevity”, his ambition to showcase his lyrical talent, with the game not based on talent anymore, Jhonny separates himself from the average 2019 mumble rappers. The main message he wants to send to the kids, and brothers in the streets, “Don’t quit, keep going”.  An example of this is on the song “locked-in” Jhonny is speaking from the black man’s perspective living in America. In addition, Jhonny went on to say “We gotta find our own way through, it’s nowhere but up, from where your standing at now.


What's in store for 2020? Dropping three more exclusive mixtapes before the year is out, more videos more shows more appearances, more blog features. Jhonny 1k music can be heard on all major streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, tidal, Spotify.


This is all brought to you by a new record label called “ART OFFICIAL ENTERTAINMENT”, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Created by the CEO “Ardres Murphy ”. A company that represents authentic and raw artistry.

Look for Ardres to fill up his roster with young potentials &  eventually turn them into superstars. Starting with Jhonny 1k.

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